In the Autumn 2020 we split up to smaller ensembles, but now we're playing again together as a full-sized symphony orchestra!

The Espoo City Independence Day Gala Concert 6.12.2021 2.30pm

Metro Areena, Urheilupuistontie 3 Espoo

We will play both classical and pop music conducted by James Kahane. The soloists are Mikko Leppilampi and Elise-Juliette. Also Total Cello Ensemble and the Tapiola music high school choir will perform. The event will start with the Espoo medals 2.30pm and continue with music 3pm.

Tickets are available starting from 4.11. through the Lippupiste webshop (1€ / ticket) and from the Espoo culture center (0€ / lippu). The concert will also be streamed.

More info (in Finnish) can be found from the Espoo city website.

Chamber Music Concert 19.12.2021 3pm

Otaniemi chapel, Jämeräntaival 8 Espoo

The performing smaller ensembles have been formed of the players in the Polytech Orchestra. Free entrance!

PO100 Anniversary Year 2022

We celebrate next year our 100th anniversary year! We'll organise many events throughout the year and focus on interesting programmes that showcase the long history of the orchestra.

The first preliminary rehearsals for the anniversary concert will be held already on Monday 15.11.2021 6-9pm in Otaniemen Lukio and on Sunday 21.11. 12-4pm in Smökki. The actual PO100 period starts in December with two rehearsals (mon 13.12. 6-9pm Smökki and mon 20.12. 6-9pm Smökki). Is you want to play in the Spring, try to attend the rehearsals already during the year 2021! However, if you can't make that, you can still join in the very beginning of January.

The Polytech Orchestra, PO, is the oldest academic amateur symphony orchestra in Finland. It was formed by the students at the Helsinki University of Technology in 1922. Over the years the orchestra has moved from the Helsinki city center to Otaniemi, the Helsinki University of Technology has changed to Aalto University, and PO has grown from a small salon orchestra to one of the largest symphony orchestras in Finland. Nowadays the orchestra is very multidisciplinary, and nearly half of the players have already graduated or are studying elsewhere. Through the entirety of its 100-year history, PO’s main goal has been spreading the joy of music and offering high-quality classical music experiences to both our players and the audience. Read more of the concerts below and from the website!

PO100 Anniversary Concert 9.4.2022 3pm

Helsinki Music Centre, Mannerheimintie 13 A Helsinki

The program of the anniversary concert consists of musical styles and pieces that are important for the Polytech Orchestra. The concert begins with Danse macabre, the Dance of Death, which is a melodic tone poem by Camille Saint-Saëns. It is filled with wild musical joy in a waltz rhythm that also reminds us of the orchestra’s long tradition as a ballroom orchestra.

The romantic style also close to PO’s heart is represented beautifully in the second Piano Concerto by Sergei Rachmaninoff. In addition to the piano, the vast string sections of PO get their time to shine. Mackenzie Melemed, the internationally known winner of the Maj Lind Piano Competition, stars as the piano soloist.

The anniversary concert culminates in the massive first symphony by Gustav Mahler, also called “Titan”. The majestic tones and grandiose melodies offer the large orchestra a great opportunity to completely indulge in the power of music.

Camille Saint-Saëns: Danse macabre
Sergei Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto No.2, soloist Mackenzie Melemed
Gustav Mahler: Symphony No.1

Conducted by James Kahane

The ticket sales for Musiikkitalo go through Ticketmaster and start with the front stalls. Some of the stalls are reserved for collaborators and Polyteknikkojen Orkesterin Seniorit (= an organization for the old members of PO) who will have a group ticket order to the concert. Over 10 person groups get -10% discount of the tickets and the group ticket sales goes directly through Musiikkitalo (020 707 0426 Mon-Fri 10am–2pm, New stalls are opened as the ticket sales proceed. Our dream is to get to play to a full Musiikkitalo with sold out 1700 seats!

Currently these are on sale:

R and S stalls - DeLuxe
Supporter ticket 100e (optional)
Normal ticket 65e

B, M, T stalls - 1st class
Supporter ticket 55e (optional)
Normal ticket 40e

C ja N stalls - 2nd class
Supporter ticket 45e (optional)
Normal ticket 30e
Student 15e
Child (under 16y) 15e

PO100 Banquet 9.4.2022 6pm

Paasitorni, Paasivuorenkatu 5 A, Helsinki

Normally the players celebrate concerts with a "karonkka" dinner and every five years PO organises a larger banquet. This time it will be the party of the century! If you are a current or old player (or avec), you are more than welcome to join! Also the collaborators and representants of close associations will participate.

A short cocktail party at Paasitorni
A three-course dinner in Paasitorni
After party (transportation from the banquet venue)
"Sillis" brunch on the next day 10.4. starting at 11am

A preliminary signup for current and old players was organized in the spring 2021 and over 260 got interested. We will prepare for a party for around 350 persons, but Paasitorni has room for 500. The actual binding registration will open in January 2022 and at time we also send invites to the collaborators.

Waputin Concert Ball 1.5.2022 5pm

Glo Hotel Art, Lönnrotinkatu 29 Helsinki

The slogan of Waputing has been already for a while "1st of May is a celebration for many, but only Waputin makes the celebration into an event!"

Waputin is a very traditional musical entertainment with an annually changing theme. It has been held since 1928, most often in the old technology student association building on Lönnrotinkatu (nowadays a hotel). The event starts with a concert that can't be called too serious: during the latest years the soloists have played e.g. a "hand trumpet", pan flute, and a vacuum cleaner. After the artsy part we move on to dancing both to classical and less classical music.

Humouristic concert with an annually changing theme
Dancing accompanied by the Polytech Orchestra, the Polytech Salon Orchestra, and Retuperän WBK

Conducted by James Kahane

The Waputin ticket (unfortunately normally only in Finnish) is a funny magazine that offers laughts before, after, and during the concert. The first magazne was published already in the 1920s and thus it can also be called the first technology student's 1st of May magazine.

The theme of Waputin 2022 has not yet been published, keep following!

Tour to Lapland 27.–31.7.2022

Sodankylä & ?

To celebrate the anniversary year we are going a bit further as Luosto Soi! festival as our destination. More information will come later!

Kullervo Concert 12.11.2022 3pm

Temppeliaukio Church, Lutherinkatu 3 Helsinki

Einojuhani Rautavaara: Cantus Arcticus
Jean Sibelius: Kullervo, with the Polytech Choir and soloists Annika Leino and Joonas Orrain

Conducted by James Kahane

Christmas Concert 21.12.2022 7pm

Finnish House of Nobility, Ritarikatu 1 Helsinki

Christmas music with salon orchestra and other smaller ensembles
Victor Hely-​Hutchinson: Carol Symphony

Conducted by James Kahane

The Polytech Orchestra

The Polytech Orchestra, founded in 1922, is a student symphony orchestra from Espoo, Finland. The orchestra works in co-operation with Aalto University Student Union (AYY). Most of the approximately one hundred members are students and alumni from Aalto University, but there are also students from other universities and schools from the greater Helsinki area. The orchestra is conducted by James Kahane.

The main events of the year are the autumn and spring concerts in Helsinki area along with the spring tour that is typically headed to different parts of Finland. The orchestra has also given concerts abroad, for instance in Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, Estonia, and Scotland. On every 1st of May, the yearly student festival in Finland, the Polytech Orchestra arranges the Waputin concert with both music and dancing. Waputin concert is arranged in a humorous way around a yearly-changing theme so that the audience can enjoy both music performances and the joy of waltz and other dances.

The Polytech Orchestra takes new members twice a year: in the beginning of September and January.